• What areas do you service?
~Rockingham county in NH & Essex county in MA

• What types of waste do you accept?
~While we are most commonly known as a manure disposal service, we also accept the following types of waste: leaves, grass clippings, brush, logs & stumps. We offer a pick up service for large quantities, small quantities can be dropped off at our site in Kingston, NH. Please contact us for more information on this type of waste disposal.

• How frequently are your bins emptied?
~We put each of our customers on a monthly route with other customers in your area and we empty the bin once a month. Should you require an additional/unscheduled monthly pick up the fee is $250.

• How are your bins emptied?
~We use a garbage style, front loading, dumpster truck. These are the same type of trucks that do rural garbage pick up. Please keep in mind the trucks are quite large and cannot always get into the same areas as your pick up truck or tractor. If you are unsure if the truck will fit please call us for a free site evaluation.

• Do you provide large scale clean ups?
~Yes we will take care of every aspect of the clean up process so you don’t have to. Our representatives will come out and provide a quote on an initial clean up, and then make a recommendation on what size bin you will require for a monthly maintenance program.

• What size bin will I need?
~ A 1,000 lb horse can generate 2 cubic feet of manure per day or 60 cubic feet in a month. There are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard so one horse produces approximately 2 yards of manure per month. Or use this formula:

# of horses x 60 cubic feet per month = Total cubic feet of Manure/ 27 = Size bin you will require for 1 monthly pick up.